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Are your Real Estate Taxes Too High?

If you are like most of us, your property taxes have probably been increasing at an alarming rate. The taxes you pay on your house are calculated by multiplying the assessed value of your property by a tax rate. The tax rate is determined by the Assessor's office after your municipality (city or county) determines the total amount of money that it needs in that year's budget. You can't easily affect the rate without legislation as it is pretty much determined by various government agencies (parks, schools, etc.) run by the politicians whom you elect. You can make sure however that the assessed value of your house has been correctly estimated.

If you intend to appeal your property taxes, it is the time to file a tax appeal. We are experienced appraisers who can tell you about the process and appraise your property for a tax appeal.

The Assessor has an enormous job of trying to make sure everyone is fairly assessed. They actually do a pretty good job. But as you can imagine, they certainly can't take a close look at every property in their township. They rely on increasing your property's assessed value by applying an appreciation factor to it. When was the last time the Assessor actually inspected the interior of your property? Could easily have been 15-20 years in most cases. In fairness to the Assessor, we certainly have an advantage because you can hire us specifically to get a current "look" at your property. Take advantage of that factor.

We certainly can't promise a decrease in your taxes or even in your assessed value. Stay clear of any appraiser who will promise that to you (it's illegal). But we can do our best to inspect your property and search for the most relevant data that applies to your situation. The effect of a decrease in assessed valuation often lasts for many years unless the Assessor chooses to review your file every year. A reduction in property taxes usually pays for our fee many times over.

We don't want to charge you for an appraisal unless we think your taxes will be decreased. Simply call or email our office with your address and phone number. We will do the research FREE OF CHARGE. If we feel there is a strong likelihood of a tax reduction, we will suggest that you proceed. That's our guarantee.

We are your one stop for tax appeals in Central Jersey. We customize to your needs – We will discuss your options.

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Please find below the Frequently Asked Questions
page from the Central Jersey tax board websites:

Monmouth County Tax Board FAQ
Ocean County Tax Board FAQ
Mercer County Tax Board FAQ

*Deadline to file on towns that have recently done a revaluation or reassessment is May 1.